Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Treatment Options

Today I want to talk about erectile dysfunction zaburzenia erekcji. Naturally, all medical conditions should be discussed privately with your healthcare provider. We are just discussing a few suggestions and these are going to be the footsteps for you to take to your provider, uh, for expound on for the detail, how it can help you.

So the first question is, you want to ask. What do you want to achieve? Better erection, better sex, drive a better sexual gratification, closer intimate relationships. That’s one of the first questions that we ask all about patients that want to improve their sexual function. The first thing you have to though is the definition of rectal dysfunction.

A lot of people confuse with all the terminology, such as curvature of the penis, low sex drive, premature ejaculation, while all of those may play a part of rectal dysfunction, it’s the actual definition is problemy z erekcją the repeated through repeated inability to have sexual performance that gratifies both the, uh, both partners of the couple, and I say repeated is because everybody has a down moment, so to speak now and then.

Their stress from an exam or system work, and they can’t maintain sufficient erectile function. But this is the repeated inability and it’s usually done. It’s usually happens as a man gets older and, uh, sometimes associated with medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions.

So how does erection start? Well, there are two basic, um, principles. You have to have adequate blood flow that goes into the penis and you also have to have occlusion, the vein. So it does not let that blood flow get out. Any kind of malfunction between the blood flow going into the penis or too much blood leaving the penis in the veins can lead to erectile dysfunction or a inability to maintain an erection.

Some causes of ed include obesity, smoking, drinking, sleep apnea. And some, some simple remedies can fix a lot of these things to improve erections. For example, smoking constricts the blood vessels in the penis tabletki na potencję viagra. Just stopping smoking can improve directions within 12 to 24 month period without taking anything else.

In a similar matter. Obesity can decrease testosterone, a necessary ingredient for good erectile function and sex libido, and just losing weight, exercising, eating right foods can lower the obesity so you’d have a greater amount testosterone in the circulating system. Some people have been concerned that testosterone supplementation can lead to stroke or heart attack, and the data actually shows that there’s no strong correlation between those occurrences and testosterone.

However, it may suppress your fertility. So for young men who want to take testosterone supplementation, please discuss that with your clinician or your healthcare provider to make sure that this doesn’t have any of those side effects in your system. Another question is, is erectile dysfunction a barometer for health?

We know that if the blood vessels of the penis or disease and not getting adequate blood flow, could that also suggest that blood vessels and other parts of the body such as your heart and your brain. On not getting enough blood flow, and that’s why depending upon other medical comorbidities in the patient, we will actually refer them to a cardiologist to make sure that in addition to treating their wrecked function, we’re making sure that no other disease processes are going on.

When a typical patient comes into our office, we assess if they are low risk for medication, intermediate risk for medication or high risk medication, and depending upon which category they fall into, we’ll determine how would the treatment is done and if they received the cardiologist sooner rather than later.

Before we get into the medications that you are familiar with. Let’s talk about other treatments because not all patients can take, uh, medicines because they have cardiac issues and there are nitroglycerin. One of these is called the vacuum pump, which is a plastic tube that goes over the shaft of the penis środki na potencję and causes forces blood by a vacuum into the blood vessels of the penis.

And then by putting a occlusive ring at the base, will allow a penis to stay erect for several minutes to have sufficient penetration. This has worked very, very well with a lot of our patients. When that doesn’t work, another possibility is using, uh, uh, intro urethral suppository, which is absorbed through the penis, gets absorbed in the blood vessels in the penis, and this could also lead to a satisfactory erection.

That’s sufficient for penetration. And these treatments can be used for patients who cannot take the pills because of they have, because they have heart issues, another medication or injections. Of what’s called a tri mix, which is a combination of several medications directly into the blood vessels of the penis.

And some patients who are very comfortable with handling a needles such as diabetics who give themselves insulin, has found this very appealing because it’s a simple one. Shot injection will cause an erection for several minutes or even a half an hour, which is sufficient for adequate penetration. And if patients don’t like to inject themselves or put a suppository in the urethra.

There’s always the surgical treatments of using an inflatable, penile prosthesis or semi-rigid prosthesis, which gives the patient the sensation and the ability to penetrate. It will not necessarily increase, uh, orgasm or increased sensation, but it’s a purely mechanical device that allows adequate penetration for satisfaction of both partners of the company.

Some patients are curious about the surgical procedures that we can do for erectile dysfunction. This is an example of an inflatable penile prosthesis. You have two tubes that go into the shaft of the penis that fill up with water, and they get that water from the reservoir, which is placed inside the body next to the bladder.

And this pump stays in the scrotum, which controls the inflation deflation. So when you’re ready to inflate, you squeeze the bottom of the pump and what is transferred that makes corporate parties get rigid. And then when you’re finished with the act, you squeezed another part of the pump and that makes it go soft again.

Another device that patients cannot handle, the inflatable peanut prosthesis. It’s called the semi-rigid prosthesis. And this is much more like a gooseneck lamp. So this goes inside the tubes of the penis, but when you’re not using it, it’s bent down and nobody knows that you have this. So you were in your penis under the underwear or clothes, and then when you’re ready to have an erection, you just spend it up and it stays rigid.

And again, both this and the semi-rigid will not. You make your, will not make your penis any bigger. Or increase your sex drive or increased sensation. It’s purely mechanical to maintain sufficient erection for penetration. Now, many of you have heard the medications such as Viagra and Cialis and Levitra, and what these do are they’re smooth muscle Vasos dilators, and that means that allows blood to go into the blood vessels of the penis to allow for sufficient erection.

That is good enough for penetration. Anytime you use any kind of medication, whether it’s an oral pill or injectable agent or even a vacuum pump, you must talk with your primary healthcare provider to know the risks and benefits of each of these devices and medications. That’s extremely important. When I have a patient comes to my office and the medications are, one isn’t working, I look at other factors.

Are they still smoking? Are they still drinking? Is there diabetes out of control, either other factors going on that could affect the blood flow in the penis. These are all things that can affect the efficiency of the medication. So before I say the medication, I good. I try to control other factors and then if it doesn’t work, I can go on to other medications or other treatments to make the patient satisfied.

And sometimes, uh, one treatment such as pills may have a suboptimal or less than optimal benefit. And another treatment also may be suboptimal when I put them together in such as a combination therapy, it’s the patient gets great satisfaction because both of them together are better than either one alone, but you as the patient also has a role.

You can eat a better diet. You can stop smoking better control of your blood pressure and your diabetes. You can lose weight and exercise. All these corrections in behavior modification can help the medications and other treatments work more effectively. So when a patient comes to our office, the first role is I look at simply put what medications can offer the patient and what things can they do to help the medication work better, such as cutting down on smoking, drinking any kind of drugs, exercise, eating a better diet.

When that doesn’t work, then we go to stage two, which is injection therapy, vacuum pump therapy, or using suppositories in the urethra. And lastly, when that doesn’t work, then we talk about surgery, both the inflatable penile prosthesis and the semi-rigid prosthesis, and it benefits to go to your practitioner and feel these and play with these devices to see what is best for you and your partner.

One last thing I like to impart is the famous comedian, Woody Allen had said. The brain is the sexist organ of the body. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra once saved your marriage or make you a better husband or father, but use in conjunction with good communication and a good responsible way with your partner can lead to a better sexual outcome.

So in summary, seek out your options with your healthcare provider. Have realistic expectations, but there is treatment out there. And we here to help. Thank you very much. We look forward to hearing from you.